About LuLuJewelDesign

LuLuJewelDesign is a boutique “Demi-fine” (a blend of Fine & Costume) jewelry atelier creating sensually feminine gemstone and mixed materials accessories.

We use premium-quality, unique gemstones sourced from around the world, always exploring new materials and new designs to create one-of-a-kind, lust-worthy pieces that complements and illuminate Your “Best You”.

As a "Gemstone Otaku" (Otaku = Japanese word for passionate professional) and designer of LuLuJewelDesign's evolving collections, our desire is to cost-effectively treat our Fans to the aesthetic beauty and lifestyle versatility of our unique jewelry creations.

Born in the charming Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City, LuLuJewel Atelier currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland, overlooking the beautiful Franco-Swiss Mont Salève. Cherishing its Japanese heritage, the cultural genesis of LuLuJewelDesign is additionally comprised of a unique mix of American and European cultures, resulting in delicate, bold, elegant, and timelessly stylish jewelry.

Gemstones are blissful gifts forged in the stars and Earth over the eons, and at LuLuJewelDesign we are committed to empowering your fashion lifestyle journey with their universal power and allure, making your everyday as special, unique, and as memorable as they are.